The truth about the law of attraction

According to the "law of attraction", if you think about something (whether good or bad) it will eventually become true.


Ok, that's a terrible way to describe it and probably over simplified. That's the whole point in writing about this today. 


I want to share my thoughts and experiences utilizing the law of attraction in my own life, but first let's define what it is according to this wikipedia definition:


"In the New Thought spiritual movement, the Law of Attraction is a pseudoscience based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life.[1][2] The belief is based on the ideas that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy" and that a process of like energy attracting like energy exists through which a person can improve their health, wealth, and personal relationships. There is no empirical scientific evidence supporting the law of attraction, and it is widely considered to be pseudoscience." - WIKIPEDIA


Now that's a real definition!


I discovered "the law of attraction" by watching a DVD back in 2007 called "The Secret" which basically told stories of the law of attraction and gave some real world examples of it. Back then it was a relatively new concept but I was immediately intrigued by how powerful it was.


In 2007 I was about 4-5 or so years into my career as a music producer. I had just scored my first big song placement with 50 Cent the year before (2006 "Make A Movie Out 'Em") along with a slew of songs produced for Little Brother and some underground legends. 


After watching the DVD, I started to reflect on the concept of "if you think about it enough, it will come true in real life" and remember taking that concept quite literally. I thought about my 50 Cent placement and all of the cool things I started to accomplish in those first few years. I noticed that I was already applying those same "law of attraction" techniques even before watching the DVD and learning about The Secret.


At that point, I thought to myself "Wow! All I have to do is think hard about something I want to become true and it will eventually come true!"


I was both RIGHT and WRONG about it.


Let's start with why I was wrong (just so we can end on a positive note).


Take the years 2007-2009 when I was really applying the "law of attraction" in my every day life. One goal I wanted to manifest was to work with Kanye West. You know, produce a beat for him or maybe even get in the studio with him. I remember thinking about it vividly and imagining it to be true one day. I followed all the law of attraction steps and all of the stuff I saw in The Secret DVD. Every morning and every evening I would think about working with Kanye West. 365 days x 2 years I would really try to focus on that goal.


2008 comes. It never happens. (we did get 808's And Heart Breaks that year tho!)


2009 comes. Still doesn't happen.


In 2009 I stopped obsessing over the goal of working with Kanye West.


Fast forward to 2010. I move to Brooklyn, NY. One of my good friends and incredible rapper named Skyzoo lived in the same neighborhood at the time. We decide to lock in my home studio and create a bunch of music. We made so much music together that we decided to just create an entire album. It's called "Live From The Tapedeck".


One of the features on "Live From The Tapedeck" was a rapper from Chicago named Rhymefest.


He's such a legend. At the time I was so stoked and had the honor of getting to know him more during our time creating the song. Rhymefest was also working on his own album, so I would send him beats for that project as well. We formed a nice working relationship and he opened my eyes and ears to many things. I learned so much from him.


Me and Skyzoo's "Live From The Tapedeck" album comes out and is critically acclaimed. XL rating in XXL magazine. Near perfect ratings across the board. Amazing love from fans. It was such a high point in my career that I will never forget.


Fast forward to 2011 (1 year later). Rhymefest texts me and says "Hey I'm in the studio with Kanye in Hawaii. He's working on some stuff. Do you have any beats?"..... 🤯 


Umm...... yeah!?


I send Rhymefest like 100 beats. So many beats. I think I sent him like 5 per day or something crazy.


Then months go by. No response. I'm sort of just doing my thing.


I get a random text from Rhymefest in early 2012. He says "Yo hold that one beat for me Kanye likes it and is messing around with it." Another 🤯 Ummm... ok!? Moment. Shortly after that, I get another text from him saying "Yo Pusha T just jumped on the song. It's crazy.". Then another text saying "Cudi is on it and now Raekwon"....


Now I'm just losing it. And this is all happening on the same day.


A few moments later I get a text from Che Pope, who at the time was working for Good Music. Che says "Hey can you hold this particular beat for me? Kanye wants to use it." And I reply with "Yup, Rhymefest told me already lol".


And then again a few minutes later (I kid you not) I receive an email from a woman at Good Music Label asking for my publishing/writing information regarding "a Kanye West song" that I produced. At that moment, I knew this was actually happening.


A few weeks later, an album drops called Kanye West Presents: Cruel Summer. My song ends up on the album. It's called The Morning featuring too many goats to name lol.


In a nutshell, my life completely changed at this point.


More attention. More publishing offers. Everything and anything. But the work never stopped. I was absolutely blown away but at the same time continued to work like I never had the opportunity.


Now here's the part where I was RIGHT.


I was right about "thinking deeply about something and it eventually becoming true as long as you PUT THE WORK IN to make it happen."


Put the work in.




It will never happen on YOUR TIMELINE. 


You must let it manifest on it's own time when the universe is ready.


But never lose the faith.


Believe in something hard enough and it will motivate you to make better REAL LIFE DECISIONS that will play a crucial role to actually making it happen.


Think. Create. Repeat. Have faith and be patient.


Does the "law of attraction" work?


The only way to know for sure is for you to give it a try.


Feel free to get back to me in the comments section below with some updates on your manifestations.


- Illmind



Ramon "!llmind" Ibanga Jr. is a 2x Grammy Winning/10x Grammy Nominated multi-platinum music producer who's worked with artists such as Kanye West, J Cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Romeo Santos, Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton + Moana) 2 Chainz & many more. He is the founder of "Blap-Kits" and "BidPacks NFTs", a series of "beat-making" tools available for music producers which eventually helped pioneer the now multi-million dollar per year "drum kit & sound pack" industry. As a consistent advocate and voice in the music production world, his weekly Spotify podcast "Illmind Put The Loop On" boasts a die-hard music producer driven following, including industry special guests such as Boi-1da, Murda Beatz, Ryan Leslie, Russ, Brian Michael Cox and many more. He is also known for traveling to various cities, bringing together up-coming music creators in "secret studio locations" to network, vibe, play music & engage in their creative community.


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    Interesting read

  • Andre

    Been a longtime fan of your work since you started uploading your beats/ remixes on an old Hip-Hop website… cant even remember the name but it was during the Beatfanatics time period. I do remember heavily sweating that O.C. remix tape you released with ‘who run it’. Been seeing you work with high profile artists throughout the years but I literally shouted out loud after seeing your name in the credits for the Moana movie. Your work ethic is nothing short of inspiring! My experience with the law of attraction also happened before seeing ‘The secret’. I cut out images of turntables when I was about 12 or so cause I wanted to be a deejay…When I was 19 I started playing Hip-Hop sets in Cape Town even though I didn’t have my own turntables at the time. I got my radio show around the same time and hosted that for 10 years. Starting out in the mid 90s there was little props cause peeps weren’t into it like now. Some years later an aquaintence called me up and literal asked if I wanted buy he’s set of Technics 1200s for half of what they were worth! I could not have planned that deal myself! Law of attraction, visualising? call it what you want… I know at some point you supposed to let go of your attachment/ expectation of it and let the universe work its magic. But you never stop working to be ready for when opportunity knocks, as John Robinson says, timing has a great role to play. Thanks for continuing to share and inspire!

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