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Product Details

This snare has some great overall punch & thickness. Frequency range is considered relatively even across 50hz to 15000hz. There is an attack peak happening at approximately 200hz, which is nice and sharp, but far from sounding "thin". At 14000hz, there is also a sharp increase, which gives this snare a nice "brightness". It's layered with a pitched down cowbell, not noticeable at first, but used tastefully. A nice spring reverb trails off at the end. Again, not super noticeable, but ever so slightly present.

  • This snare was crafted by !llmind from scratch
  • Tonal Qualities: Thick, sharp & balanced with slight reverb trail at the end.
  • Recommended Genre: Any
  • Format: STEREO WAV (44/16) Compatible with any DAW.

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