!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker
!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker
!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker
!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker

!llmind Special Edition BLAP KIT: Rump Shaker

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-- Kontakt Instrument (Version 4 & 5)

-- Propellerhead Reason Refill

-- Ableton Live

-- WAV One-Shots


COMPATIBLE WITH: Protools, Maschine, Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Reason, MPC Renaissance

WARNING: If using Kontakt, YOU MUST HAVE A FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 4 or 5 TO USE THIS PRODUCT! (Info on Kontakt HERE) (Reason Refill version NOW AVAILABLE.)


"Throughout the last 14 years as a music producer, one instrument I've always been obsessed with was the synth bass. The bass is what gives a beat its true meaning. It evokes emotion, acts as a marching band leader during chord progressions, and knows how to act as team player with drums and percussion. Here, I've partnered up with 'Truth Falls Audio' to develop a truly beefy & analog 'straight to the point' synth bass instrument, in Kontakt Player. With over 40 synth bass patches to choose from, this is the ultimate bass instrument to fulfill any and all of your bass and low-end needs. From beefy low-mid bass patches, to wobbly 50hz subs, to one-shot teardrop subs, we worked hard to cover all 'basses'. Every bass instrument was carefully sound designed by me, manipulating various sine wavs, square wavs & everything in-between.  Don't leave home without the 'Rump Shaker'!" - !llmind

  • Over 40 Bass Patches to choose from, including 5 that "glide" from key to key.
  • All bass patches were carefully sound designed by !llmind himself, involving sine, square manipulation & true analog processing.
  • Bass patches vary, from simple low rumble sub bass, to mid low beef, to 50hz quick wobble patches.
  • Patches are fully keymapped & polyphonic, allowing full analog chord synth expressions, not just bass!
  • Features Low - Mid - High Eq's + Analog Oscillator Knobs: Drift & Age to alter analog pitch qualities (all midi assignable w/ automation)
  • Includes Bonus synth/bass patches, sound designed by Truth Falls Audio.
  • Bass patches were created, manipulated & tested on Vertical Ausburger Cabinets + 2 x 18" JBL Powered Subwoofers.
  • Compatible with all standard DAWs (Protools, Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, etc) that allow Kontakt integration. (For more details on Kontakt, go here.) (Reason Refill NOW AVAILABLE)
  • Carefully mastered “under-zero”. NO nasty “digital-clipping”.
  • ALL SOUNDS are completely royalty-free!
  • This product is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.


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