The BLACK BOX Bundle (Every Kit In One Pack)

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Get The BLACKBOX BUNDLE Containing ALL Of My Billboard-topping samples, Drums and MIDI 

Normally $1750

Tired of using the same recycled drum kits and sample loops? ORIGINALITY is my priority...

HI. I'm Illmind. 2x Grammy Winning music producer and founder of BLAP-KITS.

When I started making beats many years ago I didn't know where to find original drum sounds.

All we had access to were presets and bootleg drum kits.

There was no real marketplace for quality and highly-usable sounds.


I just made my own sounds from scratch...

Then in 2011 I decided to release my own drum-kit containing those sounds I created from SCRATCH in hopes  that people would like them.

I woke up the next day to find more than 300 emails from producers telling me how much they love my kits!

It seemed as though there was a huge demand for high quality/original sounds.

So I made more packs…

I spent countless hours creating thousands of different sounds by recording instruments and just experimenting like crazy.

My motto was always to create drums & melodies that I would use in my OWN productions.

The feedback I was getting was so insane, I even helped my friends Jake One, Cardiak & Symbolyc One sell their own original kits.

My sample loops & drum kits started to appear on almost EVERY Billboard charting album.

The momentum from my packs helped to create an entire new sound in mainstream music.

Producers were no longer relying on the same recycled sounds and loops that every other "type beat" sounded like.

As a music producer I've collaborated with Boi-1da, Scott Storch, 808 Mafia, Murda Beatz and countless others..

I'm so humbled to be in this position.

Now I'd like to pay it forward and collaborate with YOU.

The BLACK BOX BUNDLE is all you need!

EVERY drum kit and sample pack I've ever made since 2011.

Only Available Here! 

Includes sounds I used on some of my biggest chart-topping records that won me a Grammy!

One-shot drums and sample loops including stems + a MIDI pack.

And I’m bundling it with some amazing FREE bonuses.

Save over $1600 Today


Your Cost Today: Only $125.00

Total Value: $1750

  • My ENTIRE Drum-Kit Collection - Over 2100 one-shot WAV snares, kicks, hi-hats, percussion, claps, snaps & more made from SCRATCH. (Value $525)
  • BONUS #1  Unreleased drum-samples, melody riffs, misc sound effects that I use exclusively in my own beats (Value $100) -----
  • Compatible with ALL DAW’s Just Drag and Drop and make your next hit!
  • BONUS #2 2000-2010 "Decade Batch" of unreleased Illmind beats INCLUDING stems for each beat (only available here!)
  • My ENTIRE Sample Loop Collection - 520 original sample loops (trap, r&b, pop & more) ready to add drums (Stems included. Value $1000)
  • Let's Work! Using this bundle is just like collaborating with me. Send me what you create with my packs and I'll send them out to my network for potential placement.


Grammy-Winning Producer (Rihanna, Drake, Kanye West, Party Next Door)
"The Illmind kit 808s & String Breaks is crazy. The 808s are knocking and I LOVE the string loops. Def dope!" 
Grammy-Winning Producer (Jay-Z, Drake, Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross)
"Illmind's Blap-Kits are the best drums you can buy! Go from struggle drums to slap in a matter of minutes."
Grammy-Winning Producer (Travis Scott, Migos, Drake, Nicki Minaj)
"A lot of people look at what you (Illmind) do and want to do it too. I been seeing you, Frank Dukes and hella producers dropping fire packs. I had to drop mine!"

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  • Will you send out the beats I make with your samples for placements? - Absolutely! If you make a fire beat and I can get it placed we can both win together! 
  • Do the samples work in all DAWs? - All the samples work in any DAW. Simple drag and drop them in you DAW and start cooking.  You also have the tracked-out stems for full customization with the arrangements. 
  • Are the samples royalty free? - All Drum Files, MIDI Files and FX's sounds are 100% royalty free and cleared for commercial use. The sample loops are clearance guaranteed as per the conditions laid out in the terms and service agreement (HERE)
  • How can I contact you? - Email me at and I'll answer any questions you have.





Retail Value: $1750.00 USD

Cost Today: $125.00 USD 

(Why so cheap? Because why not.)

(Over $1600 in savings. That's crazy.)

Over 25GB (5,000 + items)
*This product is a digital download only*





“The new !llmind kit 808s and string breaks is crazy. The 808 are knocking and I love the string loops. Def dope!” Cardiak Flatline (Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum Producer “Diced Pineapples” Rick Ross, Wale, Drake, “Start It Up” Lloyd Banks, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous & MORE!)

“Illmind’s blap kit are the best drums you can buy! Go from struggle drums to slap in a matter of minutes.” - Jake One @JakeUno (Grammy Nominated Producer of Rick Ross, Jay z, Dr Dre - “Three Kings”; De La Soul - Rock Co.Kane Flow; Wale - Limitless ft. Scarface ; Freeway - The Stimulus Package Album and MUCH MORE) 

“Yo the homie !llmind got CRAZY drums man!” - Ryan Leslie @RyanLeslie (Multi-Platinum Grammy Award Winning artist/producer)

“One of the best drum selection producers in the game!” - Symbolyc One @SymbolycOne (Grammy Award Winning, multi-platinum producer for Kanye West (Power), Beyonce (Best Thing I Never Had), Jay-Z & Kanye (Murder To Excellence) + more

“Man these BLAP Kits(1-3) from !llmind are so fire!! If you can’t make heat with these sounds, you should probably quit! lol” - Needlz (Multi-Platinum/Grammy Award Winning Producer - Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”, Drake, Lil Wayne & more.)”

“It literally has changed my career…literally, and I’m not trying to play ass kisser here or anything.  I sold my first beat a couple months ago using that kit and I haven’t made a new beat since I bought it that hasn’t utilized it in some way.  So, again, thank you for sharing with us.” - JUSTIN K. @juiceboxjackson

“One of the hardest parts of being a producer is sitting down with a blank slate and trying to create something original and worthwhile. I love the !llmind blap kit because the sounds are so crisp and refined that I can start with nothing but these drums loaded into a sampler and very quickly come up with the foundation of a quality track.” - NATE E. @nateengstrom 


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