Pass The Aux LIVE: Miami, FL 7/23/24 [Limited Slot]

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⚠️ The original, iconic and innovative live event is back!


Reserve your slot to "plug the aux" and play YOUR beats/songs for !llmind at a secret studio location in MIAMI,FL. It's like a 4 hour private beat/song cypher. ONLY 25 SLOTS AVAILABLE AT ONE TIME.


TUESDAY JULY 23RD 2024 7:00 PM


MIAMI, FL (secret studio location)

How does it work?

It's simple. Come and play your music for !llmind. It could be beats and/or songs. You might get some constructive criticism. You might strike a vibe. You can ask questions and get direct advice. Either way, it's your perfect chance to get !llmind's full attention to play him your music. There will be a small group of attendees, so this is the perfect opportunity to also network with each other. You never know who you can hit it off with!

When and where is the next "Pass The Aux" event?

Tuesday July 23rd in Miami, FL at a private studio location (location + details will be sent to Ticket Holders Only no less than 5 days prior to the event)

What happens after I've placed my order?

No less than 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE SESSION you will receive a confirmation email from containing information regarding exact location & details (what to bring, rules and regulations, etc).

Can I bring guests?

You may only bring one guest with you. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS(HINT: Splitting the cost and going 1/2 with another person could be a good option.)

Where is the studio located?

The exact studio address & contact information will be sent to you in the confirmation email sent no less than 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE SESSION. 


I'm a music producer. Is this my chance to collaborate (and make a beat) with !llmind?

Maybe, but not likely. This session doesn't guarantee that !llmind will want to collaborate with you. If he hears something he likes, then you never know. It's simply an opportunity to play your music for !llmind. There are no guarantees.

I'm a rapper. Does this mean I should expect to do a song with !llmind during our session?

No. Again, if you play something he likes, you never know what could happen. Illmind has been known to continue collaborating with up and coming artists that he likes.

Will there be food?

YES! We will take a food break at the halfway point of the session (vegan options will be available).

Will there be parking available?

There should be, but space is limited (first come, first serve). We highly recommend public transportation or Uber.

When did Illmind start hosting these types of events?

The first live Pass The Aux session was in 2015. Since then, Illmind has toured the world and sat down with thousands of music creators. A lot of it was documented and is on Youtube. You can watch one of them HERE.

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