BLAP-KIT VOLUME 9 is finally out + more new products!



The new !llmind kit 808s and string breaks is crazy. The 808 are knocking and I love the string loops. Def dope!” Cardiak Flatline (Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum Producer “Diced Pineapples” Rick Ross, Wale, Drake, “Start It Up” Lloyd Banks, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous & MORE!)

“Illmind’s blap kit are the best drums you can buy! Go from struggle drums to slap in a matter of minutes.” - Jake One @JakeUno (Grammy Nominated Producer of Rick Ross, Jay z, Dr Dre - “Three Kings”; De La Soul - Rock Co.Kane Flow; Wale - Limitless ft. Scarface ; Freeway - The Stimulus Package Album and MUCH MORE) 

“Yo the homie !llmind got CRAZY drums man!” - Ryan Leslie @RyanLeslie (Multi-Platinum Grammy Award Winning artist/producer)

“One of the best drum selection producers in the game!” - Symbolyc One @SymbolycOne (Grammy Award Winning, multi-platinum producer for Kanye West (Power), Beyonce (Best Thing I Never Had), Jay-Z & Kanye (Murder To Excellence) + more

“Man these BLAP Kits(1-3) from !llmind are so fire!! If you can’t make heat with these sounds, you should probably quit! lol” - Needlz (Multi-Platinum/Grammy Award Winning Producer - Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”, Drake, Lil Wayne & more.)”

“It literally has changed my career…literally, and I’m not trying to play ass kisser here or anything.  I sold my first beat a couple months ago using that kit and I haven’t made a new beat since I bought it that hasn’t utilized it in some way.  So, again, thank you for sharing with us.” - JUSTIN K. @juiceboxjackson

“One of the hardest parts of being a producer is sitting down with a blank slate and trying to create something original and worthwhile. I love the !llmind blap kit because the sounds are so crisp and refined that I can start with nothing but these drums loaded into a sampler and very quickly come up with the foundation of a quality track.” - NATE E. @nateengstrom