Producers & artists, this is your chance to submit your music directly to !llmind, to be properly heard & critiqued.

Here's how it works.

Pay the small fee to submit 1 beat (or song w/ vocals) to !llmind. On the following Sunday, !llmind will host a LIVE USTREAM video session, where he will play YOUR SUBMISSION, live on the air, followed with proper critique & direct video engagement. Additionally, this is an opportunity to share your music with the community of guests in the Ustream video chat room, to see what they think!

Go HERE to get started!



How many times can I submit my beats/songs?

You can pay + submit as many times as you wish, as these session will happen every Sunday.


How do I know what time each Sunday session is happening?

!llmind will ALWAYS announce the start time on his twitter account. You will also receive a confirmation email, including the day/time (EST) & Ustream link.


Will "Blap Submission Sunday" sessions get cancelled sometimes?

Yes. In the rare occasion that !llmind is unavailable to do the session on the scheduled Sunday, your submission will be pushed back to the following Sunday. You will of course receive a confirmation email regarding the push-back + an announcement on !llmind's twitter page.


I'm a rapper and singer. Can I submit for critique too?

Yes. Of course.


What if !llmind likes my beat or song? Would he be willing to collaborate or take things a step further to help me?

Yes. Anything can happen. If !llmind really likes what he hears, you can guarantee there's a chance he will want to collaborate.


What if I submit my beat/song and embarrass myself during the ustream session because nobody liked it?

Unfortunately, this is always a possibility. Don't feel down about yourself. Use it as fuel to step it up and improve! It's valuable to know where you're at, in terms of quality.