Hi. I'm Illmind. Thank you so much for joining my Twitch community.
It means the world to me! I know at first glance this all looks confusing
and intimidating. It's not as complicated as you think. I promise. The
purpose of my channel is to entertain, empower, inspire and most importantly
become part of a community that shares the same interests!
Watch me make music and interview my famous friends.
Earn "BLAPcoins" to redeem cool prizes.
Join video raids to show your face!
Get to know each other.
Enter my beat battles.
Win free stuff.
Have fun.
I stream every MON - WED - FRI 10AM - 4PM est

  • INTRODUCE yourself in the chatroom. Our community is friendly.
  • USE CHAT COMMANDS to unlock cool things in the chatroom!
  • JOIN the DISCORD private chatroom. Get your network on!
  • EARN "BLAPcoins" and spend them on cool things from our "stream store"
  • FOLLOW Illmind's channel to receive 50 BLAPcoins!
  • SUBSCRIBE to Illmind's channel to receive 1500 BLAPcoins!
  • WATCH and enjoy Illmind's beat making process (earn 25 BLAPcoins every 15 min!)
  • GIFT a subscription to someone. It's a super nice thing to do.
  • PURCHASE "bits" so you can use them to CHEER on the channel (super fun!)
  • DONATE $$$ to earn BLAPcoins (earn 100 BLAPcoins for every $1 you donate!)
  • REDEEM your 50% DISCOUNT CODE in the "stream store" to use towards drum kits/sample packs on blapkits.com
  • PLACE bets using your BLAPcoins to earn (or lose) more coins! (use !bet command in chatroom)
  • Confused? Message my moderators @lyricleson or @tamaemusic directly in the Twitch chatroom!




The most important things to remember are to engage with one another, take notes, BE FRIENDLY and have fun!