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Beat Critique



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Send your Soundcloud beat/song link & get direct feedback/critique from Grammy Nominated Producer & founder of Blap-Kits: !llmind via LIVE Periscope VIDEO STREAM (EVERY FRIDAY at 1:00 PM EST) 

***** PLAYBACK WILL BE AVAILABLE FOREVER, SO IF YOU CAN'T WATCH IT LIVE, DON'T WORRY! YOU CAN WATCH IT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! If you miss the submission deadline, your song will be played the following FRIDAY.*****

  • You can submit beats OR songs (with vocals).
  • Submit 1 beat PER ORDER (increase QUANTITY field for more submissions)
  • Tune in HERE to watch the Live Video Stream (Every FRIDAY at 1:00 PM EST) hosted by !LLMIND

Constructive criticism.

Proper song formatting.

Mix critique.


Advice on what to improve.

*NOTE: Members of the "!llmind Platinum Club" get to submit FOR FREE on any and all Feedback Friday session. To become an !PC member, go HERE to join. 


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