BLAP-KIT VOLUME 9 is finally out + more new products!




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04/25/16 Watch !llmind make a beat HERE

04/25/16 Download !llmind's most recent EP "Four Three Two" HERE.

05/05/16 You are cordially invited to attend !llmind's Eighty Twenty industry mixer in NYC. Just say "!PC" at the door for guaranteed entry!


You are currently an official member of the "!LLMIND PLATINUM CLUB"!

Let's get things started for you!

The first thing you want to do is claim your FREE Blap-Kit. Please email with subject line "FREE BLAP KIT" indicating the kit you would like. We will have that download link delivered to you as soon as possible. (Cannot request "Platinum Box" as FREE kit.)

Below is a list of instructions on how to actively take advantage of your membership privileges!

**** 60% OFF Discount on all Blap-Kits ****

Your personal discount code is XF3U8N79E1N0 and it works on WWW.BLAPKITS.COM - it will never expire as long as you are a member.
Visit, fill your cart up, then copy/paste that code at checkout. That's it!  (Cannot use on Clothing/Apparel, 1 On 1 Video Consultations, Workshop.)

**** How to submit beats to !llmind ****

Send your mp3 attached beats to with subject line "!PC BEAT SUBMISSION", anytime.
!llmind & his team listen to everything. If a beat is considered for collaboration, !llmind will contact you directly.

**** How to purchase a "Limited Kit" after it's out of stock ****

All you have to do is contact with subject line "LIMITED KIT REQUEST" indicating the Limited Kit(s) you would like to purchase. We will allow access to the kit(s) and send you the purchase links via email.

**** How to access !llmind's desktop screen while he is in the studio ****

!llmind will (on average) conduct screen shares once/week. Your membership page (this screen you are looking at right now) will always be updated with when your new Screen Share videos are available. These can be streamed or downloaded.

**** How to get !llmind "mini-kits" ****

Again, these kits will be delivered right here on your membership page. Expect at least one "mini-kit" per month. They will be a variation of drum sounds, riffs, samples, etc all directly from !llmind. Expect a nice monthly variety to keep your creativity pumping.

**** How to get !llmind to follow you on Twitter ****

All you have to do is contact with subject line "TWITTER FOLLOW" indicating your @ twitter account handle. !llmind will follow you shortly there-after.

You can contact !llmind anytime:
Email -
Cell - 973-878-0809 (text message is HIGHLY recommended)

If you need anything or have any questions, email or text me: 973-878-0809

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