Quickfire Sample Flip Contest 03-05-14

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1. Purchase & Download this sample loop. (composed entirely by !llmind)

2. Create a beat using the loop + any other sounds you wish.

3. SUBMIT your beat (mp3) as an EMAIL ATTACHMENT BY 8:00 PM EST TODAY to (subject line: Quickfire Sample Flip Contest 03-05-14)


ONE WINNER will be chosen & contacted by !llmind WITH location + time to come to the studio TONIGHT to hang out (play music, etc). STUDIO is located in NYC in the midtown Manhattan area.


Maximum +1 person allowed.

- Travel expenses NOT included (do what you need to do to get there.)

- Submission MUST be made BY 8:00 PM EST Today, NO EXCEPTIONS.

- It is HIGHLY recommended that you enter this contest, with realistic means to travel to NYC within a few hours time. Of course, EVERYONE is open to enter this contest with the understanding that if he/she wins & DOES NOT have a means to travel to NYC, there is no alternative "prize package" or alternative "meeting arrangements" with !llmind.