!llmind BLAP KIT Volume 12 [drum samples]
!llmind BLAP KIT Volume 12 [drum samples]

!llmind BLAP KIT Volume 12 [drum samples]

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"8 years later since BLAP-KIT Volume 1 that changed the game and we're finally here. BLAP-KIT VOLUME 12. Let me keep this short. Imagine if Roland decided to create a brand new 'updated' version of the famous TR808 drum machine. What would you get? A set of snares, kicks, percs, hi hats & EFX that will undoubtedly change the future of music. I carefully handcrafted each and every kit, this time mic'ing up different snare drums at multiple distances, combining them with some manipulated traditional drum machine sounds. The difference here is that I utilized multi-band splitting to mix and match every sound, along with some hardcore eq'ing and stretching + reverb to create some interesting textures. So here you get a combination of digital & organic, combined into one. Every snare on here is snappy as f*ck. There's some live and snappy claps, as well as some of my favorite recorded percussion, meant to be stacked and layered as you please. The hi-hats in this set have that punchy digital character that we love. This kit was meticulous. It's very relevant, and will be for years to come. This kit alone will easily be your GO-TO set, regardless of what genre you're trying to pursue!" - !llmind

  • 200 NEW drum sounds (kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, various percussion, sound effects + more) in 16-bit/44 WAV format.
  • 38 snares 41 percs 26 kicks 24 hi-hats 17 claps 3 crashes 8 open-hats 6 rims 5 sauceloops 20 sound efx 10 808's
  • BONUS "saucy" snares + "saucy 808's" folder!
  • Compatible with ALL DAW systems (Logic, Reason, Ableton, FL Studio, Protools, etc)
  • Vintage Reverb Machines Used: AMS RMX16, L480 & Baldwin Amp.
  • All drum sounds were sampled into an Ensoniq ASR-10 AND Akai S-20 at 33khz/12-bit for maximum warmth + punch!
  • All drum sounds carefully multi-layered & molded by !llmind to create truly, never before heard drums. Guaranteed.
  • NO saturation/flat “pancake” sounds.
  • Carefully mastered just “under-zero”. NO nasty “digital-clipping”.
  • All drum sounds were hand-picked, created, and stripped by !llmind himself from his personal drum stash.

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